Polyclonal Rabbit Antibody Production

QED offers custom antibody production in rabbits utilizing your protein, peptide, small molecule, plasmid (see Genetic Immunization), or other antigens.

Polyclonal Rabbit Antibody Production


  • Two New Zealand White rabbits, 60-day protocol.
  • Project initiation, housing, and husbandry.
  • All immunizations, blood collections, and serum processing.
  • Approximately 180-200ml of antiserum.
  • ELISA testing of all bleeds against your antigen at project termination.
    • 5mg of your antigen is required.
    • Volume discounts are available.
All programs can be customized to fit your needs, so if you need additional rabbits or want to use your own immunization protocol, just send us your requirements – we’ll be happy to send you a price quote for your project.

Additional Services Available

ELISA titration of each bleed when collected $154.00 per bleed
Terminal immunization and bleed  $82.00 per rabbit

Affinity Purification

Affinity column – Small $900.00 per column
Affinity column – Large $1300.00 per column
Affinity purification $15.00 per ml of antiserum

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