Polyclonal Rabbit Antibody Production: Quotation Request

Send us the form below with your request for a quote or with any questions you have, or simply call us at 800-929-2114 — chances are we can help.

    *We recommend that peptides are conjugated to KLH for immunization and to BSA for testing (if QED titrates antiserum). NOTE: QED cannot accept antigens that are pathogenic, toxic, radioactive, and/or carcinogenic.
    No charge if all sera are tested at project end; $120.00/bleed for testing after each bleed.
    *Additional 10mg of unconjugated antigen required for Affinity Purification
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Building upon our experience in the antibody development and manufacturing field, QED is continuing to develop new antibody products and immunological services to better serve our clients and support their research efforts.