Immunoassay Test Kits

QED Bioscience is a leading ELISA test kits supplier, offering a comprehensive selection of Biochemical ELISA kits and Infectious Disease Test Kits and serological controls from Mikrogen and Virion-Serion, all of which are manufactured in compliance with European Guidelines on In Vitro Diagnostics (CE). These rapid serological assays are cost-effective and user-friendly and perform with high sensitivity and exquisite specificity. Mikrogen and Virion-Serion Infectious Disease Test Kits are available to QED Bioscience customers in the US for Research Use Only.

Additionally, QED Bioscience offers its GEM® ELISA test kits for creating your own ELISAs with mouse, rat, rabbit, or goat detection antibodies and our unique Surf’s Up® Surfactant kit which includes 24 different surfactants for optimizing performance of your immunoassays.