Test Kits

QED Bioscience is a leading Elisa test kits supplier, offering a comprehensive selection of Infectious Disease Test Kits from Mikrogen and Virion-Serion, all of which are manufactured in compliance with European Guidelines on In Vitro Diagnostics (CE). These rapid serological assays are cost-effective and user-friendly and perform with high sensitivity and exquisite specificity. Mikrogen and Virion-Serion Infectious Disease Test Kits are available to QED Bioscience customers in the US and Canada for Research Use Only.

QED Bioscience offers its own immunoassay kits, The PermaRID Radial Immunodiffusion Kits, ideal for quantitating antibodies in mouse ascites, culture supernatants, or preparations of purified antibodies.  Plus, the GEM ELISA test kits for creating your own ELISAs with mouse, rat, rabbit, or goat antibodies, and our unique Surf’s Up Surfactant Kit which includes 24 different surfactants for optimizing performance of your immunoassays.