Antibody Resources

Resources For Finding The Antibody You Need

Finding the perfect antibody can be challenging.  A wealth of resources are available to support users in selecting biological reagents.  QED Bioscience is pleased to provide our Antibody Resources page to help you find antibodies that will work for you.  

The following resources provide extensive transparent validation data and publicly sourced citation information that will help users navigate the large number of available reagents to select the appropriate antibody for their application and workflows.  Confirmational and comparative information for QED products and other reagents can be found among these resources.

Third-party reference organizations

Searchable databases of reagent information containing antibody data, critical specifications and validation information for reagent comparison and discovery:

Linscott’s Directory is a fast, free and easy-to-use resource for locating specific antibodies from nearly 300 commercial and governmental sources. They have over 415,000 antibody listings, which can be searched by keyword, antigen, application, host, reactivity or conjugate. The Directory also lists sources for thousands of proteins, assay kits, custom services, and much more.

Biocompare is a Compare Network organization featuring lists of antibodies, antibody-affinity media, and reagents. Click here to be taken to their interesting antibody specific search tool where you can limit your query by reactivity, host species, isotype, and conjugate type based on supplier information.

An open access, publicly curated and searchable directory containing antibody validation information. Uses a gene based cataloguing system and provides a useful “evidence based scoring system” for antibody applications and validation data to search for reagents suitable for users applications.

A site that scans thousands of websites – mainly from commercial suppliers – and other sources to collate a database cross referenced to providers antibodies (and other reagents). Users can search by categories such as gene, organism, and disease. The results often list antibody products along with publications and relevant patents and also provides particularly helpful knock-out validation data.

BioHub is an online portal to search for commercially available antibodies. As of mid-2011, there were 500,000+ antibodies in their database. Scientists can read and write about experiences with individual antibodies as part of the platform.

Self-described as “The Buyer’s Guide For Histology Professionals” – search and find antibodies alphabetically or by research areas. There are 120,000+ antibodies and immunological related reagents in their database.

Antikoerper Online and Antibodies Online and Anticorps-Enligne are websites (in German, English, and French, respectively) that facilitates the search for commerically available antibodies. There are more than 115,000 monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies listed in their database and once found, antibodies can be ordered through the website.

Antibody Resource is an organization providing resources for both product, pathway and application information. Extensive reagent and assay database sources as well as directory for antibody services providers:

An extensive database of antibody reagents and associated data, primarily driven by publicly published citations as references correlated to product offerings:

A broad online resource mainly useful from a user perspective to identify suppliers, CRO and other service providers:

A China regional tool containing antibody reagents and suppliers along with some technical information.

General Antibody Informational Resources

The Antibody Society is an international non-profit organization supporting antibody-related research and development, providing extensive technical resources, educational and community information.

Associated resources listings found at The Antibody Society contains a collection of excellent informational assets including basic and clinical immunology, antibody reagents, tools for antibody informatics, proteomic data, genomic data, clinical trials registries, marketed products reports and field patents:

Technical Information and Validation Resources

A non-profit organization established to connect all human proteins in cells, tissues, and organs using an integration of various omics technologies, including antibody-based imaging, mass spectrometry-based proteomics, transcriptomics, and systems biology. All the data in the knowledge resource is open access to allow scientists both in academia and industry to freely access the data for exploration of the human proteome.

Immunopaedia is a non-profit organization which aims to promote cutting edge knowledge and research in basic and clinical immunology world wide.

Custom Development

If the unique specificity you’re searching for isn’t available in the marketplace, please contact QED Bioscience to learn more about the custom antibody development solutions we offer or visit our Custom Services page here:

Custom Services


Regional distributors providing technical information and product listings for non-domestic customers can be found here:

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