Recombinant Proteins and Chemokines

QED Bioscience delivers a wide array of recombinant Cytokines, Chemokines, Growth Factors, Hormones, Enzymes, Heat Shock Proteins, and many other recombinant proteins. Our recombinant proteins are ideally suited for use as positive controls in immunoassays, protein-protein interaction studies, biochemical assays and cell-based functional assays. Our goals are to supply proteins which are crucial to biomedical research and to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations of product quality and consistency.

Chemokines are a family of small signaling proteins that mediate chemotaxis . They are all approximately 8-10Kda in mass and have four cysteine residues in conserved locations that are key to forming their 3-dimensional shape. Chemokines have been classified into four main subfamilies: CXC, CC, CX3C and XC. All of these proteins exert their biological effects by interacting with G protein-linked transmembrane chemokine receptors on the surfaces of their target cells. QED Bioscience?s recombinant chemokines and biotinylated chemokines are available in a range of sizes from 2ug to 1000ug to best suit your research needs.


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