Hybridoma / Monoclonal Antibody Development

The art of creating hybridomas requires years of experience to be perfected.  In the more than 20 years that QED has been providing this service to the scientific community, we have made monoclonal antibodies to numerous different types of antigens including large and small peptides, proteins, haptens, carbohydrates, bacterial and viral antigens, and plasmid DNA-encoded antigens — see Genetic Immunization.

We understand and appreciate that every Client’s requirements are unique, so our hybridoma development programs are never “cookbook”.  We will tailor a program to your needs after we discuss important features of your antigens and the antibodies you require.

Hybridoma / Monoclonal Antibody Development

A typical program is set up as follows:

Phase I:  Immunization

5 mice $2,850.00
  • All immunizations and blood collections
  • Monitoring serum antibody titers by ELISA
  • Reports of ELISA results.

Estimated completion time: 10 weeks


Phase II: Fusion

6 x 96-well fusion plates $5,580.00
  • Fusion of immune mouse spleen cells to 2 different myeloma cell lines
  • All cell culture activities required to generate monoclonal hybridoma cell lines
  • Frozen vials of parental and subcloned hybridomas provided

Estimated completion time:  7-8 weeks


Phase III: Fusion Analysis (concurrent with Phase II)


ELISA screening on 1 antigen (additional charge for screening on >1 antigen) of:

  • Initial fusion plates
  • Expanded positive parental hybridomas
  • Initial subclone plates
  • Expanded positive subclones
  • Reports of screening results
  • Isotyping of final subclone MAbs


Phase IV:  Antibody Production

$350.00 per clone
  • In vitroproduction 150ml culture per clone or
  • Ascites production 5 mice per clone

Deliverables: culture supernatant or ascites fluid; MAb purification available

Estimated completion time: 3-4 weeks

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