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Ascites Production

QED offers complete programs for ascites production, from small R&D scale to pilot lot production to large-scale production. We are a USDA-registered research facility, and we comply with all federal guidelines for care and use of laboratory animals.

You may provide your hybridoma cell lines to QED either frozen or in culture. We will advise you on how many cells to send and how to ship your cells to us. Approximately one week is needed to prepare cells from frozen stocks for injection, and there is an additional charge for this service (see below).

Nude and SCID mice are available for ascites production for non-murine hybridoma cell lines.

Hybridomas are injected into pristane-primed mice, then mice are monitored daily for ascites development and general condition. Ascites collection begins when accumulation of ascites becomes evident and continues until final harvests are performed. If you choose, you can receive unpurified, defibrinated ascites, or QED will purify ascites for you (see Immunochemistry Services). In general, ascites production is completed within 2-3 weeks after injection of hybridomas.

Balb/c mice $50.00 per mouse (5 mouse minimum)
SCID mice $185.00 per mouse
Cell culture $15.00 per day


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