Custom Antibody & Cell Culture Services

QED Bioscience provides a number of custom services for all of your biological research needs, such as custom antibody production, cell culture services, cell line development and cell banking. Our custom antibody services include polyclonal and monoclonal antibody manufacturing, in vitro antibody production and antibody purification. We can develop enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs) for your antibodies o, and our experienced chemists will synthesize peptides and multiple antigenic peptide (MAP) configurations to your exact specifications.

At QED Bioscience we also provide several cell culture services, including Mycoplasma testing and hybridoma optimization.. If your hybridoma has diminished in levels of antibody production, we can re-clone or re-fuse your hybridoma and identify new clones that produce well. Finally, we provide secure cell line storage in liquid nitrogen, accessible only by authorized personnel, for your off-site storage needs. Whenever you need to retrieve your cells, we will promptly ship them to you on dry ice.