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Antibody Products

QED Bioscience strives to provide the most comprehensive selection of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies for academic and industrial researchers. Whether your work is in cancer research, infectious disease diagnostics, therapeutic drug monitoring, or cell biology, our primary and secondary antibodies will support your immunoassays with well-characterized and consistent performance.

We also offer many of our monoclonal antibodies as evaluation-size samples in Antibody Library Packs. In cases where we have multiple antibodies to a single antigen and don’t know which will work best for you, our Antibody Library Packs, which include samples of all of our antibodies to a given antigen, provide an economical way for you to make the best antibody choice for your application. Look for the LP symbol in our lists of antibody products.

Antibody Categories

Agriculture and Food Science Antibodies Anti-Immunoglobulin Antibodies Apoptosis Antibodies
Autophagy Antibodies BioWarfare Antibodies Cancer Research Antibodies
Cell Adhesion Molecule Antibodies Coagulation Factor Antibodies DNA/RNA/Oxidative Stress Antibodies
Drug Antibodies Enzymes and Enzyme Inhibitor Antibodies Epitope Tag Antibodies
Growth Factors/Cytokines/Receptor Antibodies Heat Shock and Stress Protein Antibodies Hormones and Serum Protein Antibodies
Infectious Disease Antibodies Ion Channel Antibodies Matrix Protein/MMP Antibodies
Neuroscience and Signal Transduction Antibodies Phospho-specific Antibodies Protein Transcription Antibodies
Reproductive Biology Antibodies Secondary Antibodies

  The LP icon signifies Antibody Library Packs.