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Benefits Of Working With An Original Antibody Manufacturer

“In the old days . . .” How many times have you heard someone begin a sentence that way? Whether referring to the price of gas or less complicated politics, we remember when life was simpler. But was simpler better? Perhaps yes, when it comes to politics, but not necessarily when it comes to customer expectations of the antibodies they buy with precious research dollars. “In the old days”, when there were only a small number of commercial antibody suppliers, options were limited. We bought relatively uncharacterized antibodies with the hope they would work in our applications, and if they didn’t, we didn’t buy them again. End of story. It’s different now. Applications for antibodies are more technologically advanced, more diverse, and researchers require information about an antibody’s specificity, how it was made, and how it can be used before investing in them. In parallel, as uses for antibodies have expanded, so has the commercial antibody marketplace. Hundreds of antibody companies compete for our research dollars, but many of them are essentially antibody warehouses, collecting antibodies from many antibody manufacturers and rebranding them as their own. What do those companies do when their customers need technical support? They turn to the original manufacturers for help.

As an original antibody manufacturer, QED Bioscience helps our customers with:

  • Antibody development histories
  • First-hand technical support
  • Lot-to-lot traceability
  • Custom sizes and formats
  • Hands-on quality control
  • Ease of ordering large-scale quantities
  • Flexibility and creativity
  • Lower prices
Manufacturing antibodies for as long as we have (over 20 years), we have a deep appreciation for antibody science and how vital good-quality antibodies are to our customers’ research and product development. For us, antibodies are not just commodities – they are the foundation of our business, and we take great pride in knowing that our antibodies have helped other scientists pursue and reach their research goals.