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Positive Control Sera

SERION ELISA controls : Positive Controls for use with SERION ELISA classic

SERION ELISA controls are positive control sera for qualitative and quantitative antibody determinations when using the SERION ELISA classic product line. These ready-to-use reagents are, in addition to the controls supplied with SERION ELISA classic test kits, supplementary external reagents for confirming validity of SERION ELISA classic tests.

  • Ready-to-use positive Controls for qualitative and quantitative antibody determinations with SERION ELISA classic products.
  • External Controls with Target Values and Validity Ranges
  • Lot-to-Lot Consistency
  • Reproducibility of Results
  • Long-term Storage Stability
  • Preparation

    SERION ELISA controls are supplied as units of 1 x 3ml vials and are ready-to-use without further dilution or Rf-absorption. Target values and validity ranges for SERION ELISA controls are determined and documented on lot-specific Certificates of Analysis. SERION ELISA controls are recommended for use with the corresponding SERION ELISA classic test. These positive controls may be used with other tests after proper validation.

    Storage and Stability

    SERION ELISA controls are stable for 18 months from the date of production when stored at 2-8°C. Long-term stability guarantees consistency and reproducibility of test results.