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The core business of MIKROGEN GmbH is the development, production, and distribution of innovative infectious disease test systems that are based on recombinant bacterial and viral antigens. MIKROGEN kit products include recomWell ELISA formats and recomLine and recomBlot immunoblot formats that incorporate recombinant antigens for detection of specific IgG, IgM, and IgA antibodies. Unique recomLine and recomBlot kits present antigens separately from one another on one strip, thereby permitting simultaneous detection of antibodies to individual antigenic components. QED Bioscience is proud to have been appointed as MIKROGEN’s U.S. distributor of their recomWell, recomBlot, and recomLine products. Check out their extensive list of test kits and order right here at our website, or give us a call to order and to get technical support.

MIKROGEN products are sold in the U.S. For Research Use Only.