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Reproductive Biology Antibodies

Beginning in the 1990s, research scientists discovered that a protein in mouse sperm, sp56, carries a specific affinity for ZP3, an integral part of the zona pellucida (ZP) surrounding the egg. sp56 was discovered to be a peripheral-membrane protein on the outer surface of the sperm head at the precise spot where it binds to ZP3 in the ZP egg membrane. The study recognizing this important reproductive fact was made possible with monoclonal antibodies like those available at QED Bioscience.

The study conducted in the 1990s was only the first of many that followed, and research into events leading to sperm-egg recognition continue. To that end, we carry a line of monoclonal antibodies to mouse sperm protein sp56 that vary in their affinity for sp56. All are in stock and available for immediate delivery.