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Heat Shock and Stress Protein Antibodies

Among the universal proteins found in all life forms are heat shock proteins (HSPs). This family of proteins is produced within cells as a response to stressful environmental conditions, such as a rise in temperature or when the body is in the process of repairing damaged tissue. HSPs are given names according to their molecular weight, such as HSP60, HSP70 and HSP90, and antibodies that specifically detect these proteins are valuable tools for studying each of these proteins’ structures and functions.

At QED Bioscience, we offer a wide range of HSP antibodies, including anti-HSP22, anti-HSP25, anti-HSP 27, anti-HSP40, anti-HSP60, anti-HSP70 and anti-HSP90. We also carry antibodies to other important stress-related proteins such as Alpha A and B crystallin and GRP 75, 78, 94, and 170.