BioWarfare Antibodies

Biowarfare is a serious concern in today’s world. Research into methods to combat agents used in this potentially devastating type of attack is more important than ever. That’s why QED Bioscience offers a comprehensive line of reagents to biowarfare to help scientists identify Yersinia pestis, Marburg virus, Francisella tularensis, and Bacillus anthracis antigens. Studying these dangerous pathogenic organisms aids in the development of protective strategies that can be used in the event of a biological attack.Our high-quality antibodies can be used in a variety of immunoassays to provide the best possible range of research and identification options. Given the severity of the consequences that can result from biowarfare attacks, you need to be sure that the results you get from each assay are as accurate as possible. From ELISA to immunoblotting to immunofluorescence, you can trust the antibodies from QED Bioscience to correctly label biowarfare agents in all testing environments.

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