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Mycological Antigens (Native)

SERION Immunologics native and recombinant infectious disease antigens are manufactured in their Warzburg, Germany facility in compliance with the European Guidelines on in vitro Diagnostics (CE) and verified to be pathogen-inactivated and certified as non-infectious. This product line includes bacterial, viral, parasite, and mycological antigens. QED Bioscience is pleased to be the US distributor of these products for research use only. Standard quantities are 1.0mg, but larger quantities are available on request, and we?ll be happy to quote on any quantity you need. You can order right here at our website or call us to place orders and receive technical support.

Antigens - QED Bioscience, Inc
Aspergillus fumigatusBA132VSView$775.00
Antigens - QED Bioscience, Inc
Candida albicansBA117VSView$727.00