Custom Services

Peptide Antigen Evaluation

QED offers a complete range of services for your peptide antibody project, including an evaluation of your peptide or protein for antigenic peptide sequences.

When you order monoclonal or polyclonal anti-peptide antibody development, we will help you select antigenic peptide sequences from a full-length protein sequence, or we can evaluate peptide sequences for antigenicity that you have selected – at no additional charge. Once you’ve selected a peptide sequence, we’ll gladly provide a price quote for peptide synthesis and conjugation to protein carriers. Please call your QED representative for more details.

Is Something Missing?

We have described the services most frequently requested from QED. If we did not include an antibody-related service that you need, call us – chances are we can help. If you need any other information, or if you would like to order any of our services, we will be happy to assist you.