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In vitro Antibody Production

QED offers the most cost effective means of producing large quantities of Monoclonal Antibodies in vitro. Your hybridoma cultures are grown in stirred flasks in our proprietary medium that is designed to enhance antibody production 5-25X above the levels obtained in conventional media, providing you with more antibody for your research dollar.

Features and Benefits:

  • Our proprietary medium enhances antibody production 5-25 fold above the levels obtained in conventional media. Read about the performance of multiple different cell lines in our medium: View PDF
  • Serum- and serum-free medium formulations are available.
  • Production is complete in 4-6 weeks.
  • Antibodies are readily purified, containing no endogenous immunoglobulins, contaminating serum proteins, lipids, growth factors or cytokines.
  • Antibody purification is available (see “Immunochemistry Services“)

All cell lines sent to QED for in vitro antibody production must be confirmed as negative for Mycoplasma sp. You may either provide certification, or QED will provide mycoplasma testing for you (See “Cell Culture Services“).

You may provide your hybridoma cell lines to QED either frozen or in culture. We will advise you on how many cells to send and how to ship your cells to us.

Culture Size Price
CELLine Bioreactor Flask (CL1000) $800.00
500 ml culture $900.00
1 liter culture $1,500.00
5 liter culture $3,500.00
10 liter culture $5,000.00
>10 liters Will quote

Antibody Production Order Form:

Fax, email, or send the above order form to:

QED Bioscience Inc.
10919 Technology Place, Suite C
San Diego, CA 92127
Fax: (858) 592-1509

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