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deGlycIT™ Spin Columns For Deglycosylation of IgG

deGlycIT™ Spin Columns allow for quick and easy deglycosylation of IgG. deGlycIT™ Spin columns come prefilled with IgGZERO® enzyme immobilized on agarose. IgGZERO® is an endoglycosidase with a very high specificity for IgG molecules of all species and subclasses. deGlycIT™ MicroSpin columns are designed for deglycosylation of up to 0.5mg of IgG in less than 30 minutes!

SDS page (reducing condition) of human monoclonal IgG (Herceptin®) before and after deglycosylation using deGlycIT™ MicroSpin column.