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FragIT™ Kit

For IgG Fragmentation and Removal of Fc Fragments

FragIT™ Kit is the most convenient and economical way to produce pure F(ab')2 or Fab' from IgG. FragIT™ Kit consists of two spin columns - the first column is pre-filled with FabRICATOR® enzyme for IgG fragmentation and the second column is pre-filled with CaptureSelect® Fc-specific resin (BAC BV, Netherlands) for capturing Fc fragments. The advantages of this product compared to other fragmentation methods are:

  • Speed - time to completion is very fast, usually less than one hour.
  • Yield - more than 95% of your starting material can be recovered.
  • Purity - the second spin column selectively binds Fc fragments leaving pure F(ab')2 fragments in the flow-through.
  • Immunoreactivity - little or no effect on F(ab')2 activity because of the very mild conditions used throughout the fragmentation procedure.
  • Simple protocol for converting F(ab')2 to Fab' monomers.

IgG Species Compatible with FragIT™ Kit

  • Human
  • Humanized
  • Chimeric
  • Rabbit
  • Sheep
  • Monkey
  • Mouse IgG2a