QED Bioscience and Genovis Form a New Team!

We are excited to announce that QED Bioscience and Genovis have joined together and combined their strengths to provide top-quality research tools to scientists across the globe.

Genovis is a Swedish biotech company and a leading provider of enzymatic tools for the biopharmaceutical industry. The company offers a broad portfolio of enzymatic reagents used in analytical characterization of biological drugs and a unique conjugation technology for site-specific antibody labeling.

QED Bioscience is a US company that has been designing and manufacturing antibodies for 25 years, providing superior antibody products and services to support our customers with the expertise and assistance they should expect from a full-spectrum antibody company.

Whether you are conducting antibody research, optimizing an existing antibody assay, or developing an antibody therapeutic, you need the best antibodies, characterization tools and methods from QED Bioscience and Genovis. Use the best products with the right protocols.

Our new team will focus on delivering site-specific conjugated antibodies and conjugation kits to improve antibody-based research. For example, the new conjugation technology GlyCLICK has a striking impact on reproducibility and quality of antibody labeling and is available today.

Coming soon – more information on Genovis’ novel products for antibody characterization!

Best regards,

Eileen Skaletsky
Vice President, QED Bioscience division of Genovis Inc.

John Lindsay
President, Genovis Inc.