Group B Streptococcus: New Insights into Toxicity

Group B Streptococcus: New Insights into Toxicity - QED Bioscience, Inc

Group B Streptococci are bacteria linked to preterm birth and newborn infections.  A recent article in The Scientist summarized research conducted at the University of Washington on a hemolytic pigment toxin produced by some strains of Group B Streptococci that damages neutrophil membranes resulting in neutrophil death and a higher risk of Group B Streptococci invading amniotic fluid.

In our continuing efforts to aid infectious disease research, QED Bioscience is highlighting our six different, well-characterized monoclonal antibodies to Group B Streptococci. These antibodies were generated against five types of Group B Streptococci, and all six antibodies are available in a convenient Antibody Library Pack.