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Elastase, Neutrophil
Elastase, Neutrophil

Elastase Neutrophil ľ Monoclonal Antibody 13203
Price: $150.00

Product Code: 13203


Data Sheet Description
QED Bioscience offers Neutrophil Elastase as purified antibody or unpurified ascites, and may be used:

  • In ELISA to detect and quantify human neutrophil elastase
  • In studies of inhibition and enzyme kinetics of human neutrophil elastase.
Antibody Storage + Stability:

  • Elastase Neutrophil antibodies are stable for at least one (1) year at -20 C to -70 C.
  • NOTE: Store this monoclonal antibody in appropriate aliquots to avoid multiple freeze-thaw cycles.
For complete specifications and clones for Elastase Neutrophil monoclonal antibodies, please refer to the QED data sheet.

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