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Cell Culture Services

QED provides a wide range of cell culture services including hybridoma optimization, Mycoplasma testing, cell banking, and cell line storage: However, we also possess the knowledge and experience necessary to perform many other cell culture services and we welcome the opportunity to put that experience to work for you.

If you have a hybridoma that has diminished in levels of antibody production, no longer grows well, or if monoclonality is in question, QEDís hybridoma optimization services of re-cloning or re-fusion can establish new clones that are selected for optimal growth and maximum antibody productivity.

Mycoplasma testing can be conducted on your cell lines via PCR or direct culture, and discounts are provided for 10 or more tests per year. You can send your cell lines to QED in antibiotic-free medium (3 passages are required for these tests), or QED will prepare your cells from frozen stocks in approximately one week for an additional charge.

Among our most popular offerings at QED Bioscience are our cell banking and cell line storage services. We will create 50-vial Master Cell Banks for you, guaranteed for sterility and viability, and we will send your Cell Banks to you or store them for you at QED, providing secure, off-site storage for your valuable cell lines. Cell lines are safely housed in our liquid-nitrogen freezers, and all samples remain your exclusive property, which means they will only be released with your authorization. For further information on any of our Cell Culture services, contact QED Bioscience today.