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Finding the perfect antibody for your research can be challenging. To help you with your search, QED Bioscience is pleased to offer our Antibody Assist Service, a free service to ensure that you find antibodies that will work for you.

Just send us the Antibody Assist form or give us a call at 858-675-2405. We’ll do a worldwide search for you free of charge to locate the antibody you need whether it is a QED antibody or an antibody from another supplier.

Our Antibody Assist Scientist’s will:

  • Do a worldwide search based on your needs and let you know the source even if it’s not an QED antibody.
  • Additionally we can answer any questions you may have and advise.

Antibody Assist Form

However, if the unique specificity you’re searching for isn’t available in the marketplace, let QED create the perfect antibody for you:

Don’t spend your valuable time searching for antibodies – contact QED Bioscience today!

Antibody Search Directory

This section is concerned with how to find antibodies using free online search tools that allow the user to search mulitple companies at once. With these services the antibody search often can be narrowed by species, antigen, type (e.g., primary or secondary), etc... The output is typically a list of multiple companies that sell a particular kind of antibody. This "catalog of catalogs" approach tends to make the search for antibodies more efficient and are a good place to start.

  1. Linscott's Directory of Immunological & Biological Reagents - Linscott's Directory is a fast, free and easy-to-use resource for locating specific antibodies from nearly 300 commercial and governmental sources. They have over 415,000 antibody listings, which can be searched by keyword, antigen, application, host, reactivity or conjugate. The Directory also lists sources for thousands of proteins, assay kits, custom services, and much more.

  2. - an antibody search portal which connects catalog antibodies and research publications to the UniProt protein information resource. The tool uses a proprietary Antibody Name Dictionary model - a collection of protein names, synonyms, and symbols recognized as antibody names which are verified through a full-text search of scientific publications in HighWire Press.

  3. Antikoerper Online and Antibodies Online and Anticorps-Enligne- A website (in German, English, and French, respectively) that facilitates the search for commerically available antibodies. There are more than 115,000 monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies listed in their database and once found, antibodies can be ordered through the website.

  4. Biocompare - Lists of antibodies, antibody-affinity media, and antibody production services can be found here. Click here to be taken to their interesting antibody specific search tool where you can limit your query by reactivity, host species, isotype, and conjugate type.

  5. BIOgate - an Israeli life science portal with a search engine to find Israeli antibody suppliers

  6. BioHub ( - an online portal to search for commercially available antibodies. As of mid-2011, there were 500,000+ antibodies in their database. Scientists can read and write about experiences wtih individual antibodies as part of the platform.

  7. Bionity - among other life science portals one can find an antibody database containing more than 110,000 antibodies from 35 manufacturers

  8. BioSupplyNet - search this online directory of life science companies by keyword entry or by searchable categories such as monoclonal antibody conjugates, antibody purification, secondary antibodies, etc…

  9. IHC Mall - self described as "The Buyer's Guide For Histology Professionals" - search and find antibodies alphabetically or by research areas. There are 120,000+ antibodies and immunological related reagents in their database.

  10. Labome - ExactAntigen - a site that trolls thousands of websites - mainly from commercial suppliers - and other sources to locate providers of antibodies (and other reagents). Users can search by categories such as gene, organism, and disease. The results often list antibody products along with publications and relevant patents.

  11. Life Research - an antibody and biological reagent marketplace with straight-foward searching and ordering.