• Journal articles cannot already be published in QED’s product datasheets.
  • Articles must be published in a peer-reviewed publication in the last 12 months.
  • Articles must cite QED as the antibody source.

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Rules and Regulations for Publications:

  1. This offer is valid for all QED Bioscience Inc. antibodies.
  2. One product reward per publication, regardless of the number of products used within it.
  3. Limit of six publications per laboratory per year.
  4. QED Bioscience Inc. retains the right to reference the publication information at its discretion.
  5. All submissions are subject to review at the discretion of QED Bioscience Inc.
  6. Verified submissions will be credited 3000 MyRewards points.
  7. This offer does not have a cash value.
  8. Charges for shipping outside the U.S. are not included.
  9. Selected reward antibody may be the one cited in the publication, or a different antibody may be chosen.
  10. Antibody must be requested within 12 months from date of acceptance by QED Bioscience Inc.
  11. Offer is not transferable to other individuals, institutions or organizations.
  12. Receipt or use of the free product may not be used in connection with reimbursement claims for any healthcare, insurance, or grant programs.
  13. We reserve the right to change this program at any time, without notice, and are under no obligation to grant or deny any submission.

Thank you Ė we look forward to reading your article!