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We've been designing and manufacturing antibodies for over 20 years, and throughout our history, our goals have remained unchanged: provide the best antibody products and services on the market and support our clients with the expertise and assistance they should expect from a full-spectrum antibody company.

In addition to our broad range of monoclonal and polyclonal research antibodies, we also specialize in custom antibody development and manufacturing services tailored to each client’s unique requirements including monoclonal and polyclonal antibody development, in vitro and in vivo monoclonal antibody production, antibody purification, and immunoassay development. For products, services, and technical support, QED Bioscience is the company to choose!

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Antibody Reward Program

Have you recently published a research article using QED antibodies? Simply submit your published peer-reviewed journal article that cites QED's antibodies, and... we'll send you a free antibody of your choice, up to $350.00 in value!

Monoclonal Antibody
Library Packs

QED offers multiple antibodies for individual antigens. Since different assays have different requirements, we are not always able to tell you which of our antibodies will work best for you. To solve this problem, and to give you an economical way to evaluate all of our antibodies to a given antigen, QED offers several Monoclonal Antibody Library Packs of either 100ug purified antibody per clone or 100ug ascites per clone. Look for the Library Pack icon for these products:

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